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Pomegranate musk tahara set

Pomegranate musk tahara set

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Musk Al Tahara is more than just a perfume; it’s an experience. Its creamy, like soapy lotion consistency indulges the skin with every use, making it much more luxurious than a conventional perfume spray. The powdery white musk fragrance is also more potent than conventional perfumes, as it’s never diluted with water and alcohol. Every drop lets you delighted in the scents of floral notes, warm vanilla and white musk. Soft and sensuous, this pure white musk oil carries the fresh, clean scent of enduring love! Ideal usage is after a shower/bath and while the body is slightly damp.4 piece set 

  • pomegranate Musk Al Tahara 6ml
  • x1 Musk Al pomgrante Soap 50g
  • x1 Musk Al pomegranate Powder 20g
  • x1 Musk Al pomgrante Cream/Antiperspirant  20g
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